Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Boots

So I had to return the hiking boots I had bought because they were a little too big. Hiking boots should be a little big to account for foot expansion over the course of a hike but these where ridiculously large. I am not sure how I managed to pull that off but it managed to give me sore heels on first time I wore then. So I returned them and found a pair that were similar to the old pair that I really like that happen to be a little too small. I guess I just can't win. I hate buying footwear. My feet are at the top range of women's sizes so I have a hard time finding nice things to fit. So I now have yet another pair of boots to try to break in in the 16 days left before I leave on my hike.

So I managed to pick up my forgotten things in Providence. And just when I thought I had gotten everything, I still managed to forget my mirror and dustmop. Oh well. I did get my really nice old saw and a few other things that I didn't even remember I had. I also managed to get the futon as my ex didn't have room for it. So my brother is inheriting a futon as I don't have room for it. At least it will get used as I think that the landlord would probably have tossed it. I did end up spending a good chunk of my day picking up my stuff, and cleaning the apartment. At least I made it to the doctor's office, got my things and made it to REI, so everything was accomplished on this trip.

So I am finally receiving my sleeping bag system from Big Agnes. I have been looking forward to this since about December, which is when I thought I was going to receive it, then I was moved to end April. Now the down bag was been changed to a primaloft bag but it will be a really nice bag so I am not complaining and am looking forward to trying out the bag and seeing how it will work in a hammock.


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