Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Home again

I made it home in one piece, but I have decided that if I am ever moving to a foreign country again, I will buy what I need to live there then sell it all off when I leave. I have not had a terrible time at the border but enough headaches that I don't want to have to deal with them again. I finally got the title to the car and when I came back from the states I stopped at the American customs to had over my get-into-the-States-hassle-free card and they asked me what I was doing with the car. That was when I found out you have to export a car before you can even think about importing it into another country. That was fun. Especially when I guy said he was unsure he could except a duplicate title. At that point, he had better except it, I wasn't impressed. Why allow duplicate titles to be issued if they can't be used? Then the Canadian border had it own questions. Like what is that strapped to the roof of your car and why isn't it declared as an item to follow. Then he wanted to know why the car wan't also listed as a to follow. It was but in a strange way so he didn't see it. So, to wrap up the story a little, I have to go back to the American border in 72 hours and finish the export process, then hit the Canadian border to start the importation process. I think I will scream if there are any fees and other hidden things they "forgot" to tell me.

On a good note, I did manage to sell another paddle. Only 2 left to sell. And I did get the coveted futon. Thankfully I accidentally left my roofrack on the car, so that made transporting it a breeze. I'm not sure how bug splattered it is though. I had nothing to cover it with. At least I managed to wedge the mattress into the back seat of the car. Good thing it had a fitted sheet on it, because I had to drag it down two flights of stairs by myself. The first floor neighbour gave me a helping hand to get it into the car. The mattress is still in the car, and will probably stay there until my brother can come get it. Hopefully this weekend.


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