Monday, May 30, 2005


So I am in the states again. I have to get a whole whack of stuff done before I leave wednesday morning. I did not expect to wake up this morning and head off to the states. But after a few other things fell into place, this seemed to be the logical thing to do. Bit of a shame as I am missing a nice chicken dinner. At the very least, since tuesday will be the last day I have real medical coverage, I had to get in one last doctor's appointment. After that it is emergency coverage only and will not cover pre-existing aches, pains, or stuff like that. I also just showed up on the door-step of a friend, and we have been yaking almost non-stop since I arrived. It has been nice catching up. Only two weeks have passed but it feels like longer.

They finally finished work on the foundation today and backfilled the hole. It has to settle for a few weeks before they can come and pour a front step so we still have a little bridge to walk on to get into the house. This also means no real access to the shed still. The deck cannot be put back until the dirt settles so the deck is resting up against the shed blocking the door. At least we can hang out laundry.


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