Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stuff sacks stuffed

7 days left and I finally broke out my mother's sewing machine (mine is buried in the garage under piles of my stuff) and made the stuff sacks and pack cover for the trail. Boy is my mother's machine really fast compared to my sluggish old garbage find. I made the pack cover out of some blaze orange silnylon I recently bought and the stuff sacks out of some grey and green silnylon I had bought some time ago. The orange is a really bright colour and will hopefully prevent me from getting shot at by hunters who are too close to the trail. I should track something down for my front too. I also had a chance to make some smaller stuff sacks to help organize the little things that will be going into the pack. This way, they won't be loose and maybe I will have a chance of actually finding them when I want them. What will end up happening is that I will have to open 4 little stuff sacks before I find the one I am looking for. Oh well. At least I will feel better knowing my toothbrush will be stored with the toothpaste and the batteries will be stored with the camera. I also made a small stuff sack for the pack cover, I should find a way to keep the two together. I will looking into it tomorrow as I think I have a way. I also bought a nice compass and the little toggles I would need to keep the stuff sacks closed. Good thing I had elastic cord left from some other (unfinished) project.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another swelteringly hot day. Today was hot but tomorrow is supposed to be really hot. Of course there is still more foundation work to do, and I have to get up bright and early. I also still have a little bit of sewing left to do too. I was in the middle of making a small sack for my journals when the bottom bobbin ran out of thread. Perfect time for a break. I will also have to get the process started on my medical insurance card, and try to get the car inspected. I am waiting for the government to sent me some mysterious form 2. I think I will just go crazy tomorrow instead. Maybe they will commit me into an asylum that has air conditioning.


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