Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another day down

8 days left before I leave to hike the Appalachian Trail. I ordered a sleeping bag just in case the one I am supposed to be testing doesn't arrive in time. I hope the ordered one arrives though. I am also waiting for the dog tags I ordered, they have not arrived yet but I did just order them on Monday. I hope everything arrives in time and I get everything done that needs doing.

Today was a really nice cool day. In fact, it was almost cold compared to the last few days. I am not complaining either. It was really refreshing, and since we had to do some more foundation work, it was also ideal working temperature. I don't think it was much over 20C (70F) today. It also rained a little giving us a chance to rest up some. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow but I hope it is still cool.

I never did get a chance to pull out the sewing machine today to make stuff sacks. I need to try to get that done as soon as possible. I find it is just too easy to sit down and waste the whole day, especially when I pick up knitting. I can sit and knit for hours and not notice the time passing. It is also hard to get things done when I am helping my parents to do stuff around the house. Or alternatively, if they are sitting down in the living room, it is nice to join them and still get nothing done. I did finish a pair of socks that I had been working on and started and finished another pair. I have just started another pair that I think I will give to my father. My brother is supposed to be coming this weekend, and my mother's birthday is soon. I should bake her a nice triffle. Something light and easy on the waist line.


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