Tuesday, June 07, 2005


It was only a few degrees cooler today compared to yesterday, but it was the cooling wind that made a big difference. It just wasn't as humid. It did rain a little last night. I could hear it raining at some point in the night. Waking up at odd hours seems to be one of my specialties.

I am realising that I have only 9 days left to get my medical insurance card started on its way, get my car inspected and licensed, and get a driver's license. So far, one of the government ministries is on strike and that has been affecting most of the above. So I will give them until Friday to get off this strike. If they have not resolved things, I have to get a photo taken for my medicare card, get the car inspected and hopefully licensed and say to hell with a driver's license. I shouldn't need it on the trail. I just hope they don't give me grief when I finally try to get on.

On a good note today, I think I finally found a pack. While I had really like the Osprey Crescent that I had tried on about two weeks ago, I found the 430$ hard to swallow. So I continued looking. I managed to find the Acteryx Bora which had a slightly better price of only 380$. Not much of a savings but still pretty good. I got it at MEC. The store was only okay. I really prefer REI. I am not sure why I felt that way as the store was very nice, but there was something about it that just didn't seem to compare well to REI. So I did a dry packing today and everything fit. At 80 liters, it had all better fit. I did end up getting a bigger sized pack then I felt I needed and now I know I will try to fill the pack up to over flowing. It is always bad, in this case, to buy a bigger pack. That way you can justify bringing something that you didn't really need. I am still short a sleeping bag and I did notice a few other things I have to get. I will try making a pack cover tomorrow out of the blaze orange fabric I got.


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