Sunday, June 12, 2005

Still hot

It is still so ho here in Montreal. Yesterday was the Grande Prix and the temperatures at the track were over 55C after the humidex. The drivers must have been drenched in sweat inside their fire suits. I don't think I could even imagine getting into a suit like that, let alone having to wear it for hours. There was absolutely no air movement. Today was pretty much the same weather except for a slight breeze which was almost cool at times. We really didn't do much today. This heat is sapping everyone's energy. I did make my death by chocolate pie and it was a big hit. It normally is. I managed to get most of it done in the relative coolness of the morning then added the whipped topping later at lunch time to finish it off. We got to enjoy a nice barbeque'd dinner out on the back deck with pie for dessert.

I helped my brother get the futon mattress into his car. Unfortunately the frame didn't fit in the car and he has no roof rack. So my parents will take it to him later when they go over to visit him. We also have an uncle-in-law who lives in the area so I am sure they will visit with him too. They will just have to make sure they place the frame on the rack with the bug splatter facing forwards, no need to accumulate bugs on both sides of the frame. I also think he forgot the bolts that hold the frame together. I will try to remember to check and have my parents bring that with them too.

So, 4 days to go. We will leave early on Thursday and my parents will drop me off at the park entrance. It looks like they will spend a few days in Bangor and do some shopping then head over to PEI to enjoy some lobster fresh off the boat. My grandfather lives there and knows most of the fishermen, in fact we are probably related to half of the fishermen in some way. This will be a chance for them to catch up with everyone. I hope they have a good time. That side of the family can be a little on the busy side and sometimes it is hard to really catch up with everyone. I got lucky when I went down after Christmas that my brother and I managed to have a nice supper with my uncle and his wife and we caught supper with my aunt and her husband. We unfortunately didn't get to see the new cousin. My cousin has a kid, so I guess that makes them removed or something. Whatever.

I really hope it is cooler in the woods, or at least cooler in Maine. I am having a very hard time with the humidity right now. I don't think I will last long on this hike if it is like this in the woods.


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