Saturday, June 11, 2005

Heat wave

I think it is officially a heat wave. The heat is not breaking and seems to have no intention of breaking any time soon. Our house has no basement and although the ceramic tiling on the first floor helps cool the place a little, it is still very hot. There is a 2 degree difference between the two floors but there is no air flow in the TV room downstairs and the sofa set is leather. Which means we stick to it, a lot. It is hotter upstairs and a ceiling fan but it is quite hot. I feel like I am drenched in sweat all the time and it is really hard to get any work done either inside or out without breaking into a sweat. I got talked into making my famous death by chocolate pie and I should do that tomorrow so we can all enjoy it but I am just so hot. I will try to get most of it done in the morning when I is a little cooler. Since it requires both the stove and the oven I want to get it over with in the relatively cool morning. We'll see.

My brother and I took our parents our for supper tonight. I was hoping for better air conditioning at the restaurant but it was still a bit hot. We ended up sitting next to the door to outside which was wide open. I am not even sure if there was any AC on in the place. We went to celebrate several things. Most importantly was having the whole family together. This really doesn't happen as offen as it used to, since I was living in the States, my brother joined the Forces and moved to Ontario and my parents worked overseas. We also got to celebrate my mother's birthday which we haven't been able to celebrate in person for quite some time. We also did a father's day celebration. And I am leaving next week on a very grand adventure. My brother is also leaving on a smaller adventure paid for my the army, but still sounds quite nice. I am in the finally stages of packing. I am organizing the little things into the stuff sacks that I made the other day and checking everything to make sure it is all there and in good shape. I am having trouble finding the small plastic bottle I had bought for camping as I was thinking of filling one with curry powder to spice things up on the trail. I will check again but I may have to break down and buy more. I think I will still bring my big sleeping bag on the off chance the other one doesn't arrive in time. I think I will leave the heavy thermals at home and bring a lighter pair. I can always have them sent to me later as winter approaches.


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