Friday, June 10, 2005

More foundation work

So today we got up early to beat the heat and finish off the last stretch of foundation work that needed doing. Mostly it was to cover the side of the foundation with foam and cement, then to level off the bricks that the deck sits on. After that, the foundation people came by and put the deck back in place. So we managed to do about 4 hours of work before lunch, in the shade in the back of the house. The temperature today was sweltering and every little movement cause us to break out in sweat. And since we were in the shade, the skeeters were out in full force. I was really happy to finally come in and have a really cold shower. In fact it was so cold, I had goose bumps. My brother is home for the weekend but he missed most of the hard work. Lucky him.

I managed to finish off all the stuff sacks that I think I will need to organise the black hole that is the inside of my pack. I also used some of the blaze orange to make some of the important bags more noticeable. I think that the first aid kit and the bear rope are deserving of the bright orange. Next I have to actually go through everything and put them in their bags and trail pack the pack. And on a good note, I got a call about my sleeping bag, it will be in Millinocket for me to pick up before I start the hike. Si, although I will not have it in my hands right now for trial packing, and to check it out, I will have it at the beginning of the hike. This is great and I can't wait to try it out. I am really interested in the Big Agnes sleep system in their sleeping bags and think that this is a great bag for hammock camping. I will see soon enough.


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