Thursday, May 26, 2005

More construction

Woke up today to more construction work on the house. They were installing the piles today. This meant doing some drilling and also having to lift up the house. I hope the house is okay. It can't be to healthy to lift a house up then drop it back down. At least it seems to be progressing very well. They think they will be done beginning of next week. I hope so. I also hope that next week is better weather-wise.

I have quite the stitch in my side. I am still coughing due to the cold I am still trying to get over. I have been taking cough syrup, which is quite disgusting, and I am also on pain killers for the pain in my side. I hate being sick. I think the cough is in my head and I just need to tell myself that I really don't need to cough. I isn't a very productive cough either. Just an annoying cough that is quite painful. I was expecting the pain in my side to be a deterent to coughing today, but I seemed to cough just as much today as yesterday. Maybe tomorrow will be better no that I am taking something for the pain.

The itinerary is slowly coming together. I hope to have it done early next week. I am roughing in the dates and will then add town stops and rework the dates a little to take the towns into account. There are only 21 days left before I find myself in Maine trying to stick to some arbitrary schedule I made in the comfort of my home. I expect to deviate from the schedule but I am curious by how much I will deviate. I am also becoming a little anxious about everything. This is a huge undertaking that is the trip of a life time and I am really excited but worried too. I hope that the worries will disappear once I hit the trail. I also hope I can pick up postcards on the way to send out. I have a few people in mind who I want to send postcards too.


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