Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wake up call

We are having construction done on the house to stop the settling. Because the house is settling, many of the doors do not close properly. Mostly these are the bathroom doors. Growing up here, I just accepted that the doors didn't close properly. Now that I am grown up (I don't really feel like it), it is annoying to be on the can and have the cat walk into the bathroom then leave the door open for all the world to see. So needless to say, there is now a new lock on the inside of the bathroom door. But on top of that, we are having the foundation of the house attached to some stable piles. The piles will be driven into the ground and attached to the foundation. So this morning, I awoke to the sound of some people outside digging around the house. This was okay until they starting using the jackhammer to break up the cement walkway. That was when I gave up and got out of bed, much earlier than usual. We currently have a moat around the house and a little bridge over it to get into the front door. We have no access to the back lawn. This means no hanging out of laundry and no access to my bicycle. So much for going on a bike ride. And it was almost nice out today.

The weather here in Montreal has been quite miserable, especially on weekends. The last weekend was a holiday weekend and it too was rainy and overcast. I am glad I am not working right now but this is not good weather. I hate being cooped up in the house. The car needs to be washed and I should be out exercising. I may have to break out my rollerblades, except that I still suck at them and they hurt the soles of my feet. I think they need new inserts. Maybe gel inserts would help. I will have to look into this, some other time.

I have mostly gotten over the last cold I had. I now only have a dry and very unproductive cough. I cough so much that my side hurts. It is hardly ever productive and I really should just ignore the urge, but it always feels like one more cough will clear me up. It never does though. Oh well. I will have to drink more water and ignore the tickle.


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