Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ready, set, hammock!

I finally had a chance today to set up my hammock. It was the first time setting up this particular hammock so I had to fight with it a little. Mostly it was trying to get the add-on to add on correctly. One feature that has been absolutely great with my old hammock are the snake skins. These are thin tubes that fit over the ends of the hammock and can be pulled down to encase the hammock. It makes set up and take down very easy, especially in the rain. The problem with those were the fact that the end was narrower than I remember so I had to take off the fly tensioner to get it on without damaging the snake skin. The secon add-on was an under quilt. It went on very easily once I stopped reading the directions and just looked at what needed doing. I never made it past the second line of the directions but I got it on the hammock no problems. This hammock is smaller and lighter than my old one. I like the lightness feature but I don't like the smaller feature. I really liked the spaciousness of the old hammock. Oh well. Either I will get used to it or I will sell it and get the larger one.

I had a chance to try to get my driver's license switched over today. Waited in line for about one hour only to find out that this office was a privately held office and they can't do foreign license transfers. Nice. And to add insult to injury, the government run offices are on strike. I think they are still open but only with limited services.

So I decided to console myself and go backpack shopping. I found a pack that had promise, but first I need to return the other pack that doesn't fit and has some really bad features. The buckles don't unbuckle when I want them to and it is really hard to unbuckle them with one hand. Maybe I am too picky, but I have to live with this pack for at least 6 months. I will have to figure out how to return the back and boots and get new stuff soon.


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