Sunday, May 22, 2005

Out of shape

I managed to get out on the slopes yesterday and I was having a really hard time with it. My pack may have been a little over loaded, but I need to be able to carry much more than I had and still be able to walk up hills. I also feel that the new boots I just got are not a good fit. I will have to go boot hunting again and hope I can find something soon. The pack had annoying features about it and I may look around, but I may just put up with it then get rid of it when I finish. I really dislike the buckles as they don't pop open when I try to open them. They almost require two hands to open them. So much to think about. I tried to give myself a good stretch both yesterday and this morning, but my back is sore and so are a few other places. It isn't too bad but tomorrow will tell the full story.

Today was mostly relaxing and catching up the the grandparents. I am also still working on the itinerary. It is mostly slow going. The weather has been overcast and drizzly over the weekend so I hope it is better tomorrow. I want to get my bike out and start getting more cardio in my limited workout.


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