Monday, June 13, 2005

Damn Quebec

I hate living here just for the fact that Quebec feels that Canada can't seem to do anything correct and so they must have their won agencies to do a "proper" job of it. I had to have a federal inspection of the car, which it passed. But I also have to have a provincial inspection of the car too. With only a few days left before I leave, I really don't need this hassle. I will not be able to get a driver's license before I leave because the agency is on strike and the private company can license the car just not me. I did get my papers work sent off for my medicare card and that is now being processed. Quebec is also thinking about having another referendum to vote on separation again. This is a huge can of worms so I will not get into it. Suffice it to say that neither side seems to know the whole truth in this debate.

I have not heard back from the lady from Tennessee who was looking for a southbound thru-hiker. We chatted via email several times then on the phone once. I am not sure if our talk scared her off or what. I am leery of hiking with someone who has so little experience. I don't know if she will show up and I am almost afraid to email and ask. I have heard from one of the other people down on the calender on as starting on the same day as me. I am not sure we will hike together but we will probably bump into each other along the way. I actually think I don't want much company during the day but I think that company at night will be really nice. I think it will be fun talking about the day to people who have walked the same path as I did at about the same time.

I is supposed to rain tonight. Supposedly, tomorrow will be hot and muggy but hopefully less so. I think it will be hard having to close the window tonight. Since it will rain, the window will need to be staggered and that reduces the air flow big time. I think it will be quite a hot night sleeping tonight.

Had a few inches of hair cut off today. I did get a before picture. I think I will get an after picture just in case I decide to get it cut off somewhere on the trail. It really wasn't a very drastic cut but hopefully it will be enough to not irritate the hell out of me. I really am not sure how I will take care of long hair on the trail. And while I really like my long hair, I don't think I will hesitate to hack it off if it becomes a problem. I really do want to go to Arisia next year with long hair and I also hope I can make up the 4-5 inches in that time. My hair was just long enough to wrap the braids halfway around my head and make a really cute crown. I will post a pic of me with the before shot sometime soon, I hope.


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