Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Blessed relief

It has finally rained here and the humidity is mostly gone. It has also cooled off considerably. We are actually feeling the effects of tropical storm Arlene and it is nice. There was some problems with a bit of flooding along a section of road downtown. Since 40cm of rain fell in such a short period of time, is it any wonder there was an accumulation. Our new foundation work mostly held up. We did have some settling of the gravel they used to fill in the hole and the deck has shifted a bit but everything is fixable.

I am driving to my brother's friend's place tomorrow to drop off the cats. They will be staying with her and her three cats for about 2 weeks. My parents are heading over to PEI after they leave me in Maine. This way they get some away time on the island. They haven't been there in some time. Hope everything goes okay.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Montreal for a while. There was more stupid bureaucratic paperwork to try to wade through and it looks like they will not give an inch. At least the car is insured. My father will take care of the last inspection and the registration. This has been such a headache. For those of you who might be interested, NEVER import a car into another country. Just sell the car and start over. Especially if it happens to be Quebec and the Regie is on strike. Forget about it.

I have sent around some emails to a few friends to let them know I will be completely out of touch for awhile. Maybe I will finally get a little traffic on this page, and maybe even a few comments. Some of those would be nice. Some days when I look at the stats, I get the feeling I am the only one who is loading the page and that is just to make sure the post went through and as a last spell check. I guess if I just used the spell check feature I wouldn't have that problem, but it can't seem to handle Canadian spelling nor grammar, which most of my mistakes are. We are in a league of our own.


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