Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sick again

1 more day of work left. I am trying to wrap up loose ends and make sure everyone knows how to do all of my chores. I am also so far behind on packing. I did part of the kitchen but still have a majority of the dhishes left as well as some food stuff, spices and the cast iron. My box pile is getting quite low. I will have to pull the rest of them out form under the bed and take stock of how much box space I have and how many things I have left. Hopefully it will match up closely. It will be okay to care down heavier, bigger single items but not too many. I will be spending as much time as it takes tonight to get everything packed. Unfortunately, I have to go home, get my computer, come back to work and download all my email in my work account. Then I need to set up a forwarding and see if that will work after they close the account. Hopefully I won't receive any important emails that get lost, but then, how would I know if they are lost.

I have to wrap up another paddle and get that down to the post office tomorrow. Need to get that sent before I move so I don't forget or lose it. The guy lost his credit card so the payment was slow, but it is paid for and now I can ship. 3 down, only 4 to go.

Went out for lunch today with all the members of the lab. This was my good bye lunch. It was very nice and I will miss everyone. I am absolutely stuffed right now. I skipped breakfast in anticipation of having a big lunch and may have to have a really light supper assuming I am ever hungry before tomorrow. It is a shame I am still sick and had to keep coughing all through lunch. About half of the lab is sick. I think my original cold is gone but I may have picked up another one from someone else in the lab. I hope it doesn't interfer too much with the move on Saturday. I will be really bummed if I can't help much with the move as there will only be three of us unpacking. My boyfriend has bad wrists that prevent him from doing much so he may not be able to help. Its probably just as well.

I put the roof rack on the car yesterday, by myself in the cold (and I wonder why I am sick). It went on almost without a hitch. One of the front attachments didn't want to go around the bolt, but brute force won in the end. I also attached the kayak saddles and will be mostly ready to attach the kayak on Saturday. The saddles will need to be adjusted once the kayak is on the rack for a good fit. I can't wait to get the thing in the water. I have had it since January and haven't been able to use it due to the winter weather. Soon, very soon.


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