Thursday, May 19, 2005

Old Friends

I managed to catch up with an old friend tonight. We went out for supper and chatted for quite some time. After missing my bus, I ran into another even older friend. It was really nice to talk with both of them. I traded contact info with the second friend as it was out of date.

I have been invited on a hiking trip this weekend. I am not sure I will be able to keep up and stated that if they think I will be too slow to let me know right away. I definitely need to train and get in shape but I don't need the stress of holding up someones hike to also be there. If they don't want me, I will still go hiking but it will be closer to home and it will be an easier peak then what they have planned. I will also try to talk to the guy next door when I see his kayak on the car and see if I can get the kayak on the water. I still need a life jacket but I can get one of those pretty quickly. I am wondering how cold the water is right now. Brrr.

I need to decide if I have to get another sleeping bag or accept the 45F bag that I will be receiving. I am not sure 45F and synthetic will be right for a thru-hike but I really am not sure I can afford to get a down 15F or down anything right now. I need to think about how happy a non-down bag will be with me. I know that synthetic doesn't compact as much but this will be a lighter bag. I need to do some soul searching. I just found out today that the move cost about 500$ canadian. Ouch. Gas is really expensive nowadays.


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