Friday, May 13, 2005

Last Day!!

Last day, yay!! This is my last day at work, then I am having a going way party tonight and moving back home tomorrow. This week seemed to fly by quite fast, except for the cold part. That needs to be done with.

I have been running around work trying to make sure everyone knows where my things are and that my lab notebook is readable and understandable. I also had to make sure that the few things I still had 'in progress' would be taken care of and not forgotten. For the most part, the lab runs itself and everything will be fine. And what is interesting is that I am worried about how well the lab will run and I am the one who quit. I have also been trying to organise all my electronic data and burn it all onto one DVD. So far it was scattered across three computers. But I think I finally tracked it all down and am now getting ready to rip the DVD. I think that is almost the last thing to do. I will still have to meet with the boss and let her know any important things about the running of the lab that she should keep an eye on.

I am not sure I will make it to the computer science building for the TGIF that they have. If you don't get there exactly at 4:00 when they put the food out, there is nothing to eat. I think I will be seeing most of the important people tonight at my party so it isn't too important if I make it or not. Also, this way I won't be eating supper twice. I have a few people coming over tonight to see the apartment and then my friend is coming over before the party and she is going to read tarot for me. This will be a fun, crazy night.


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