Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Settling down

I finally told my mother today about my thru-hike. She seemed to take it better than I though she would. Maybe she is in shock. I also will not be getting the 15F sleeping bag I was hoping to get. The test call fell through and it looks like I will be getting a 45F bag instead. I am not sure I can start with it, but maybe I can have it sent to me as a summer bag then send it back for my winter bag. I have a 0F bag right now but it is a bit overkill. Maybe I will start with the 45F bag and just bring the heavy duty thermals and slep in those. Maybe a liner would help too. So much to think about and so little time.

I didn't do any unpacking today. Mostly I just hung out, and relaxed. There is only one big box left that needs to be repacked into smaller boxes. Otherwise, everything I need is mostly out and settled. I can repack most of the comforters now that I have the down one on the bed. I also have to get all the hiking gear out and start looking at what I have and what I can bring with me.

The cats where moved up into my room last night. They where being locked up at night in a small room and were scratching the door something fierce trying to get out. So I put a second litter box in my room with a little food and water. They were much happier. Scotty decided my pillow would be the best place to sleep and PerCp thought my armpit was best. After scratching me last night, he got his claws trimmed today.


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