Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I have a reservation!!!

Yay, I got a reservation at Baxter State Park!! I am not sure what the dates are but a charge went through and that is great news. Once I have my start dates then I can start planning seriously around them. I only have 3 days left here is Providence, I have a truck and my father and brother are coming down to help this Saturday. I also managed to sell another paddle on eBay. Everything is coming together where before everything seemed to be flying apart at the seams. The packing still hasn't really come together though.

So I finally made it to REI last night and managed to get a friend to come along too, so the trip and shopping was great. It was almost derailed when I got home to find that the car was missing. My boyfriend had taken it to get beer supplies. I told him I was going, so it was a real big annoyance to have to wait. But the shopping was great and I managed to spend 600$, ouch. I got an awesome pack, a set of great poles, a new pair of boots (that I have to break in) and a nice camp towel. I also got a few more packages of prepackaged food. I really will not be relying on this for the whole trip but the first part will be a difficult leg and I don't want to have to worry about food, preparation, or space. This will make for a hard trip with easy cooking then hopefully the trip will get easier and the food will get better as I start cooking on my own.

I had my exit interview this afternoon. My job has been rough the last few months since I had to take over for someone who left rather suddenly. I wasn't supposed to have to do this aspect of the job and have been bored to tears for the last six months. Because of it, I have not been working on any research or advancing the project I was working on and this was very frustrating. So, I told the interviewer this and got everything off my chest. I feel better that at least someone in charge of hiring here will know. Otherwise, the community here was great and the employer was great too. I really liked some of the benefits and wished I had taken better advantage of them.


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