Monday, May 16, 2005

Home, Sweet, Home

Home at last. Saturday was the official move day and it was a long day. My father and brother drove down with the truck, my friends loaded it then we drove back and unloaded the truck. The cats were not impressed with the drive, but they never did like the car. The are now exploring the house and getting into trouble. I have been trying to unpack while getting over this cold. I have managed to make my room livable with what I need and have repacked many boxes to make them easier to store. I also had to put most of the blankets and stuff in the wash to get rid of cat hair and dust. Also, some things hadn't been washed in quite a while to avoid the coin op. I can be a real miser sometimes.

My cold does seems to be breaking up, finally. I at least feel a little better. I am still coughing enough to case headaches, and the coughing really isn't that productive, but I am hopeful it will get better. I really need to get better so I can start training and getting out of the house. I would also like to get the kayak in to some water. It wasn't so bad when it was being stored at someone else's place, but now I can see it every day and it is calling to me. It needs water.

I managed to misplace the title to my car, so I was unable to inport it into Canada. What fun. So I have to look into getting another one. Now quite sure how that will work. I am still hopeful that it will turn up in some box or other. I can't even remember where it would have been before the move. I checked in all the places I would have put it, or last remember seeing it but to no avail.


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