Tuesday, May 10, 2005

REI, here I come!

4 days with no idea if I have enough boxes. I still have to pack the kitchen and there are a few other things lying around the rest of the rooms that need to be stuck in a box. I figure the towels and bed sheets will be packed with the kitchen stuff to act as padding, so that leaves part of my desk, the rest of the bathroom and part of the bedroom.

Went out last night to celebrate a friend's successful defense of his thesis. The bill came to 383$ and with tip was over 440$. It came to 30$ each. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I am trying to save and here I go enjoying an extravagant meal. The food was quite good though, and the dessert was excellent. I gained 2 pounds overnight, haven't eaten anything today, it is well past noon and I am still not hungry. I will catch a smallish supper then I am off to REI. I have had to put off my big shopping spree about 3 times now, so tonight, I am going. I never managed to sell my pack or boots and may be stuck selling them on the sell/swap list of backpackgeartest. This is a great site to get gear reviews from.

I emailed out my "Going away Party" invites. This Friday is my last day at work, so I will be enjoying Friday night more than usual. I hope I will be packed by then. It seems everytime I try to plan a night of packing, someone has a party or event that I want to go to, so I opt instead to go do that. I am normally not this social because I am always so tired after work that I just don't have the energy to deal with anything. But now I find I am dragging all day at work and trying to party late into the night. I am exhausted and still a little sick, but I know that in a few days I will not be able to do this any more. I will be able to catch up on sleep though. Mmmm, sleep. Can't wait.


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