Friday, May 06, 2005

Ice Cream?

1 week to go. And I am still sick. I looked up strep throat and it seems to match the viral pharyngitis symptoms really well. Which also means that since you can't treat for viral infections, I have to wait it out. Supposedly it takes a week, so just a few more days. In the mean time, my stuffed up nose is running a marathon and I am cold.

Update on the email situation is that I may not get it back before Monday at the soonest. Seems they saw 13 as /3 and cancelled my account on the 3rd. Almost seems a waste to have it reinstated for less than a week of use, but I gave that email address out for apartment hunters. Hopefully I am not missing too many things. I may have to post to the listserv again with a new address to fish out the posts. I think I will just wait until Monday. I find I am being quite lazy these last few days. I think this sore throat is wiping me out more than I think it is. I really am having trouble sleeping at night, and my nose is quite stuffed today. I really want ice cream but can't convince anyone to go with me, I have a buy one get one coupon that would be nice to use. I love Ben and Jerry's. It is dangerous having a location just down the street from work. Must resist the siren call.

As a compromise to keeping my textbooks, I did throw out all the associated notes, labs, and tests. All I am left with are only the books. I also tried packing up my reading books and thought I would get rid of those I didn't really like. Which lead me to wanting to get rid of a V.C. Andrews book that I couldn't remember reading. So I read the book before getting rid of it. Meaning I didn't finish packing the books nor cleaning the apartment. I also didn't really eat supper either.

So REI is having a big sale this week. I have about 500$ worth of gear I need to get. While this will hurt, hopefully I can sell my old pack and tent and recoup some of the cost. I will also be having a yard sale this weekend and maybe I can break even. I want to be able to keep the bank account well padded so as to not have to worry while on the trail. And, it would be nice to still have money to live off of when I get off the trail. It will be around christmas time, so I would like to give some gifts. I don't think forcing people to look at the numerous slides of the trail will count.


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