Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm on Acid

8 days and I am still sick with whatever. Saw the doctor today, but it was about my wart. I have been carefully growing and maintaining quite the little colony on the bottom of my foot. I finally decided that this is inappropriate for hiking and I am getting is removed. Unfortunately, burning doesn't really work on the bottom of the foot, and the acid treatment takes time. They could also cut it out, but that would leave a nice big hole in on the bottom of my foot, perfect for an infection. So acid it is. Hopefully it won't take too many treatments, I would like to have it gone before I start hiking. Guess it also hinges on whether I will have health coverage when I am in Canada.

Work is winding down some now that I have someone to take over part of the work. I figured that when I gave notice at work, I would be okay until at least the last day for building access and email. Yesterday I discovered that my card wasn't working, which was embarassing since I was trying to train someone. And today I discovered that I can't log into my email. I hope they haven't deleted them from the server yet. I am trying to set up appointments to see the apartment and to sell things. I will lose a lot of information if they have deleted them. So I think I will start having everything forwarded to another email address that is off campus so I can at least save the emails.

I am trying to gather together all the contact information of my friends so I can try to stay in touch. This has always been a problem with me that generally runs "out of sight, out of mind". I will have to fight against that as I have made some great friends here. Not sure how many of them I will see again but there are some I definitely want to keep in touch with. I would have to be out of my mind to lose touch with them.


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