Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 9: Tom's Run Shelter

13.6 mi

We got a great start in this morning hitting the trail by 7:15. We made it to the next shelter by about 10ish. Birch Run Shelter is very nice and we had an early lunch before moving on. We busted out the next 3 mi in one hour but the last 3 mi went a little slower. It was a good day with no rain. It did get quite warm (humid) at midday. We rolled in somewhat early which was nice so we could rest. It was good to finally feel good enough to finally hike some real distance today. I'm not 100% well but I feel like I am on the mend.

It was a somewhat uneventful day. We are slowly gathering a group around us of other flip-floppers and section hikers. The shelter here is nice as is the stream. It was nice to wash up a little and I also rinsed out some of my clothes which was nice. I no longer have grit on my face. I wish I could have washed up more but this little bird bath was still nice and refreshing. I feel like I washed some of the sickness away. My feet are still tender but they are also on the mend as well.



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