Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 7: Rocky Mountain Shelter

10.2 mi

Forward progress is being made but my feet are still pretty badly blistered (although they have popped). My lungs are still not well. I cough but not always with satisfactory results. I get winded quite easily as a result. I can't quite tell if the cold is getting better or staying the same. We took a while to hike the 10 mi today because of all this. In spite of the slowness, we got to the shelter at 3:30 after leaving at about 8:00. We had lunch over at Chimney Rocks. It was nice if a little out of the way. The trail was poorly marked and had a downed tree but getting a view was nice. Pass a blueberry patch, yummm.

I took a one hour nap once we hit the shelter. Hopefully this will help me heal up and get better. I seem to be sleeping a lot, likely my body trying to recover from this cold.

We had a nice cool breeze part of the day. Plus the weather finally cooled off a little. We stopped at Tumbling Run Shelters (snoring and non-snoring shelters) to discover someone had left a fire going. My husband put the fire out before we moved on. We couldn't believe people could be so unaware and negligent as to leave a fire going, especially with a river nearby, water certainly wasn't an issue. If they couldn't put it out, they shouldn't have started it.



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