Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 4: Ensign Cowall Shelter

6.6 miles

Didn't go far today in spite of the flat terrain. My blisters went from not good to bad. My sore throat also upgraded to a cold with very sore throat with runny nose and slight headache. My husband had to run into Smithsburg for cold remedy's. I'm not that happy about the forced stop, neither is my husband (and I can't blame him). We were doing fairly well at least mileagewise. Bodywise my knees are still good but I do have some muscle aches. Some of which likely due to the blisters. Although it would be nice to move along tomorrow, it is likely best to rest and try to recoup before moving on. There is also about a 90% chance of rain so holing up is not a bad idea (especially with a cold). We should be able to get to Waynesboro in a couple of days and hopefully track down better (newer) footwear. Its raining now, I'm glad we at least made it to the shelter even if it is close to the road. Not sure if we will stay here or go to the hostel nearby tomorrow. Depends on how I am feeling.



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