Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 5: Ensign Cowall Shelter (zero day)

0 miles.

Today was a bit of an enforced zero day due to my cold. It does seem to be breaking up so I am hopeful we can make some miles tomorrow. My husband went back to Smithsburg to pickup a few more things in case we don't make Waynesboro tomorrow. I managed to get sleep today hopefully helping with healing both the cold, lungs and muscles as well as blistered feet. It was a boring bay especially so soon into our trip. I feel bad but going on would have made things worse. We should be able to get an early start tomorrow. It is only 10 miles to Waynesboro. The terrain seems a bit more rugged than what we've seen so far. Still pretty flat though. We duct taped up my feet tonight hoping to give the tape a chance to stick to my dry feet. The weather also seems to have broken. We had some off and on rain, then lots of high wind, now there is less humidity and it feels cooler. So hopefully some good hiking weather and sleeping weather. Looks like we are on our own tonight at the shelter.



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