Sunday, December 07, 2008

St. Mary's Rock Hike

Off again today, this time for a day hike. I was expecting it to be about 6.5 miles, but since the park was closed, we started at an alternate location and hiked the route backwards making it closer to 7 miles. It was still a great hike. A couple of us had issues with the water freezing in our drinking hoses, and the winds were quite fierce on the summits, but the views were great. I think there was a constant wind of about 30 mph, with gusts of up to 50 mph. One gust was strong enough to push me back, good thing it was away from the edge, not that I was that close. This was a relatively small group but we had a good time. There was a small shelter around the halfway point so we stopped and enjoyed a sheltered lunch and privy break. Always a good thing. There was still some ice and snow on the trail that made for nice views. The road into the park was closed due to the ice. The don't seem to salt in the park so no entry when ice is present.



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