Saturday, December 06, 2008

Busy Day

I had a bit of a busy day today. I had to get ready for a hiking trip tomorrow, do groceries, and put everything away. After that there was the TGIO party for the National Novel Writing month effort. I felt I should go considering how I missed the start party due stuff. Since I was going to the kayaking pool session, I had to gather all my stuff together and make sure I had a dry towel. Since there was going to be little time between the TGIO party and the pool session, I just wore my pool stuff under my jacket and pants. It was a little odd wearing a thin neoprene top but worth not having to worry about changing later. It was nice to see people again. I find that I didn't really have time last month to really make it to the write-in sessions. I think after December I should be able to start having time again.

It started to snow today. I haven't seen any snow yet in the DC area, so this was the first instance that I know of. It was mostly a light dusting that eventually stopped then melted but it was still quite nice. It was also quite nice to soak in the hot tub after pool session. A couple of us went to Gordon Biersch for food and beer afterwards which was fun. I ended up getting back to my place quite late and I wasn't sure I was going to find parking nearby. I lucked out and found a spot on the next street, so I didn't have to carry my wet gear too far. Tomorrow is going to be an early day and a long hike.

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