Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday night

Most of the time Sundays are relatively relaxing days for me. I don't do much as I am either recovering from Saturday or I am recovering from a morning day hike. Today since I didn't have a morning day hike, I figured I was going to work on my word count and try to finish. That didn't really happen, rather I procrastinated on the word count and ended up doing a lot of other little things that needed to get done.

I managed to do a little grocery run, although the weekend before Thanksgiving is not the best time to do that. I picked up the ingredients for Rice Crispie squares, and my granola bar squares. I need to work on teh granola bar squares as I find they are either too firm or too soft. I have to figure out how long to cook the sugar to get something in the middle. I also need to find a sugar substitute that isn't honey, as I'm sure something else would work better. And I want to cut down on the amount of molasses as I am not a big fan of the stuff.

I then started to clean up the gear closet and rearrange things so they fit better. I want to clean out the living room area of the beer stuff so I can actually invite people over for dinner parties. So I moved the kegs closer to the bathroom as they need to be washed. I moved the gear so almost all of it was in one closet and better arranged. I need to move the box out of the bedroom closet still, but I think I can store the bottled beer in that closet on the bookshelf.

I did manage to get some word count but then I ran out of story and I hit a wall as to what to do next. So then I made a batch of beer. I had the ingredients for a Duval which I had made before and had really liked. So I decided to make that one as my next batch as it is really simple to make. As I was digging through the box of ingredients, I realized that I had a bag of crushed grains ready and waiting to be made into a batch of beer. I had forgotten I even had them. I can't remember when I bought them and for what recipe I bought them for. I will have to go back and figure it out. I'm not sure they are actually any good but I guess it can't hurt to try.


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