Sunday, November 23, 2008

Games night

I'm not much of a games player, I tend to prefer challenging myself, or playing video games. But since I needed to get out and start interacting with people and making friends I decided to go. I wasn't really sure what to expect although my friend did try to give me a heads up. I certainly wasn't expecting board games. I did eventually start feeling comfortable after meeting everyone and playing a few games. The night and people actually reminded me of the types of events and people that happen spontaneously at Arisia in Boston, which I haven't been able to go to, nor have I found an alternative down here. I ended up having a really good time.

The hosts had a photomosaics puzzle on the table in an unfinished state. In fact it looked like they had just barely started it. Apparently they have been at it for a while but just can't seem to wrap their heads around it. I managed to put a few of the pieces together although I didn't have a chance to mate any of the side pieces. I have done one in the past and they can be quite hard. I found that standing bent over their table fitting pieces together was hard on the back though.

I ran a hike earlier in the day and we had a great time exploring Difficult Run and then went up to the overlook for the Potomac. I actually had a fairly productive day as I managed to get some spaghetti in the oven to slow cook while I was hiking, then I did the hike, went home and finished the sauce and ate, then I went to games night. Lots of good stuff.


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