Thursday, November 06, 2008

Posting update

Its funny what you let get in the way of stuff you like to do. I like posting and was actually posting pretty regularly for quite a while until kayaking and a boyfriend seemed to put that on hold. Now that the kayaking season is effectively over and I no longer have a boyfriend, I find that gear testing and running a backpacking group now eat up most of my time. Although not having stable internet at home also doesn't help. And November is National Novel Writing Month.

Once again I have to decide if I want to participate in the wrist killing endeavor of writing a novel in 30 days, oh actually less then 30 now. Last year I decided about half way through the month to participate and I took a three day kayaking trip near the end as well. I will be able to get a demo print of the novel I wrote last year so at the least, it is worth trying to fix up the novel and send it off to be printed. Another brag item on the book shelf. This year I started trying to write something and the words just were not coming to me. I think instead I might dust off my Appalachian Trail adventure and try to finish that. It is worth while and hopefully I can find a way to incorporate the many pictures I took along the way. I do regret that my camera wasn't very good and the pictures are pixelated when blown up, but I think I can keep the pictures small.



Blogger Sam said...

Thanks for the update. It'd be great to see you finish the AT. Not too many have done it SoBo, so you'd be in an elite crowd.

3:57 PM  

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