Friday, November 07, 2008

Gear testing

I have been busy with gear testing recently. Actually I was asked to be a call manager so now I have to prepare notices of gear that is available to be tested, post a call then look at all the applications that come in. While it is fun to write the call, it can be quite a bit of work going through all the applications and as usual I tend to let them all pile up until the end of the call. So far I have been pretty lucky that the calls I write don't generate many applications, but at the same time, I wonder why my calls don't generate as much interest. Oh well.

I am now testing a thermal jug, a day pack, a light down jacket, and a 15 F sleeping bag. I am about half way through testing a watch and I think this is the last watch I test. They are harder to test then I thought they would be. I think it would be nice to test a tent or shelter but I already have plenty of them and was actually thinking of buying a Henry Shire Rainbow tarp tent. Much lighter then anything I have tested. And since we already tested it, I'm not sure I will have a chance to actually test one, so I might as well buy one and enjoy it. I just got most of the new items for testing recently so I have barely had a chance to play with them. In fact I just got the sleeping bag a few days ago. I love the fiery red colour.



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might want to see the new movie out call stranded.

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