Monday, November 03, 2008

Meetup Organizer

One of the hiking and backpacking meetups I am a member of just recently had the organizer step down. This was a new organizer that just stepped up in June as I was unable to take over the group at that time. I should have but I was just too busy with gear testing and kayaking. So when the group became available again, I jumped on it. So I find myself the organizer for a group that has been sitting basically dormant for about 4 months as the last organizer didn't do anything. The organizer before him wasn't doing much either and I was almost the only person running events. I am slowly bringing the meetup back to life but I still get few people joining in on hikes. I will have to nurse the group a while longer before I think I can get away with large events.

I have been trying to get in touch with some of the old assistant organizers but have heard back from very few of them. I think I will have to thin them down and start finding new people to act as assistants. I would like to get someone to help organize a regular weekend day hike so I can run bigger events like backpacking trips or large day hikes. I would also like someone to help run bigger events. And I think it is time to start doing moon hikes again. As they are about once a month (twice if I do new moon hikes too), I can probably start those up soon. They were a big hit in the spring when I started doing them as many of the other meetup groups also were running moon hikes.

I ran my first event this weekend and the turn out was good. I hope people will eventually come back to the group. I do find it a little annoying that some members have been leaving the group. Some of them are older member and likely have moved, but some are new members that just joined this summer. It is sad to see them leave because I don't know why they are leaving. Oh well.

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