Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Another year older and I feel like I am walking on the tread mill in reverse. I am not sure why I have this feeling, but it seems like everyone is passing my by and I am stagnating in place. I guess you can't compare yourself to anyone else, but that seems to be the societal standard. At the very least, I am doing somewhat well in the savings department. I may not have a ton saved but I have but measures in place to ensure that money is being moved regularly to retirement accounts. I hope I can put enough aside so that I may one day enjoy retirement. I'd rather enjoy it with someone, but at the rate I am going, I might have only myself to look forward to spending it with. Might be time to go rescue another cat.

I am also moving towards some security with my living in the states. I should have applied for my H1B years ago but I only just did it this year. While it is putting a crimp in foreign travel, I really don't travel that much. I won't be able to visit home until my visa comes in but at least I will be a resident alien instead of a non-resident alien. Then I can go for the coveted green card. Meaning more travel restrictions. Oh well.



Blogger Sam said...

Happy Birthday to you! Instead of older, think of it as another year wiser. Well, try anyway. ;-)

5:35 PM  

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