Monday, March 03, 2008

Rolling is fun, single isn't

So I thought I had my roll mostly down last time I went, which was about 2 weeks ago. This time when I showed up I was expecting to just keep practicing. Instead someone else came over with a theory that they wished to test out on someone else. So I humoured him and gave it a try. I was a little leary of learning yet another way to roll but curiosity got the better of me. So there I was sitting on the ground doing ground rolling exercises. After that it was back in the boat where I did the same exercises again with him holding the boat stable. After that I was on my own. And with only a few minutes of working at those exercises I was able to roll. No hesitation, and no failing the first try either. I popped back up each time I tried. And I tried several times then I showed it off too. I wish I had more time to practice it as the pool lessons are now over but I am hoping that in the spring I will remember what I was working on. I can also keep working on the floor exercises so I can remember the basic motion. I am so happy and proud of myself. I knew I could do it, I just wish he had come along sooner. Then I could have practiced more and played around more in the pool learning other things.

There is a kayaking festival coming up in South Carolina. I have never been to any kayaking festivals nor have I been to South Carolina. Actually I haven't bee further south than Virginia in the States. I have been trying to decide if I want to go to this event. I won't really know anyone there but I have heard it is fun. I am hesitant as there is an even bigger event happening in June that I will be going to as I understand I will benefit a lot from that event. So I don't know if I really need to go to this event. I just don't know if it will be worth the time or the money. I can carpool down with someone and maybe even share a tent site as the sites are big enough for several tents. I can bring my own food, but will I get enough out of the workshops and classes to make it worth it. Or should I just relax, go and enjoy myself.

On a sad note, I am once again single. The break up wasn't so bad as it really wasn't working out between us. I saw it coming but didn't really want to admit it. The hard part is that I miss the company. I will also miss helping out with the international club event. I found it a lot of fun and get the feeling I will be unwelcome to participate again in future. I had also hoped to help set up a backpacking component for the international club and get the feeling that that is down the tubes too. I am trying to take on a more active role in the backpacking meetup and will try to start offering classes through that. I also have so much extra equipment that I can take people out and completely outfit them.



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It was so hurtful and painful. Can’t believe you say this as ‘Not bad’.

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