Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shamrock Fest

Since I have been moping around, I let myself get talked into going to the Shamrock St. Patrick's day festival. What a crazy event. First, as we were arriving I found out bags were not allowed. So we scrambled around to find a place to put my bag. Good thing someone else was driving there so we just met her in the parking area and I placed my bag in her car. Next up I wasn't wearing any green whatsoever. How I could I forget to wear green to an event where everyone wears green. Oops. Then the port-o-potties were disgusting as drunk people can't aim to save their lives. There were no water fountains and everything was very expensive. I also didn't want to eat a lot of junk and that was about all they had to eat was junk. I did have some fun though. I got to hear some bands I hadn't heard before and I got to hear Great Big Sea live again. I still don't like them live but it is nice to root for a Canadian band. I think the one big thing was that I missed my boyfriend.

The break up is still raw and no amount of getting out is helping. I keep waking up at strange hours then can't get back to sleep. I am really tired because of this and have no idea how to break the cycle. We are talking again which is good. We will be going paddling on Wednesday night since I won't be able to make it to the Pirate's Thursday night paddling. So this way I get exercise and we get to talk.



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