Sunday, February 10, 2008

I finally rolled!!

So I am not 100% successful at doing a roll but I did do a couple on my own with no help. I am really happy that I am getting there. There are still a few problems with my technique, but at this point I need to just get the roll to work consistently then I can start fine tuning it. I am rather bummed that I will not be able to make it to the next class due to a business trip and poor planning. There is no class after that then there is one more at the beginning of March. So I have one more class session left then I have to start working on it in the river. I guess once the weather warms up I can spend the rest of the summer working on it. Fingers are crossed but it seems that all the lessons and hard work are starting to pay off.

This was actually a rather busy day for me. After the rolling session, there was the coffee time. Then I rushed home to get ready for a movie meetup. The movie was Fool's Gold. After that was supper at a tapas place. I had never had tapas before so it was interesting. I bit pricier than I wanted to pay but it was still good. The movie was also good. I liked it as it didn't require much thought or attention to follow it. Very good since I was very tired from the kayak session earlier. I probably should have just taken a nap and rested up but I went out. I also grabbed the wrong coat and found out it was very windy and cold. Fleece jackets don't do much to stop the wind so I was cold. DC doesn't have a closes system so if it is cold at ground level, it is generally cold in the tunnels, just more out of the wind. I am glad the bus came right away otherwise I would have been very cold. I even walked up the big escalator to generate some heat.

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Blogger Sam said...

Congrats on the rolling. You are my kayaking hero!

Hope you have a good time in Arizona in spite of what it looks like.

6:49 AM  

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