Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting there

Another lesson for learning how to roll. It is interesting how relaxed I am in the pool with an instructor there helping me. He keeps making me go through the motions and I mostly have it down I just need to keep my shoulder in and try to not over extend myself. I am a little nervous about trying to roll on my own without the instructor there to help me but I will have to do so eventually. This time I took the time to just go through the motions and reinforce the muscle memory. I hope to try on my own next time. I have also been told that learning how to scull properly also makes for a good comeback. So I will start to play with sculling as well.

In the kayak side of things, I still have to finish the Greenland paddle I started. I found out they are hold a class in March for people who want to make one but people in progress are welcome to join in. So I will join in on that and finish it off. Mostly I feel that the blades are a little thick and the shaft is also a bit too thick for my hands. One of the points of making a Greenland paddle is that it is custom fit to the person. This is someone else's paddle that I am working on but our measurements are close enough that I can made the modifications in the shaping without too much trouble. I have used the paddle once but I want to use it more to see if I actually like the techniques. It is supposed to be easier on the shoulders and joints. Always a bonus as I sometimes have wrist troubles. Too much typing in one day is not good for me. I know better and yet I still do it without realizing it.

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