Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cold weather camping

My backpacking partner and I decided spur of the moment to go on a quick backpacking trip. The trip had been planned but due to the cold weather and the buckets of rain we had received on Friday, we had opted to cancel the trip. But Friday night, after eating supper and starting at each other, we decided to just go and do it. So we grabbed our pre-packed bags and ran out the door. It was interesting as the trail leading in to the campsite was only about 0.5 miles, but it seemed to take some much longer. We hiked in in the dark and found the site with few problems. It was a group camp site that we shouldn't have been camped at but we snuck in camped and left early. Unfortunately, my sleeping pad still did not keep me warm. I bought a new sleeping pad with a much better R rating than my old pad but I was still left very cold. I should have brought my 0 F bag but I just didn't think I would need it with the new pad. Apparently I was wrong. Good thing my hiking partner had an emergency blanket. It helped some but I was still cold all night and didn't sleep much. The next morning, the temperatures were so low that the dew on the tent, (or the condensation) had frozen. Brrr! Even the canal water had a thin film of ice covering it. I tried to snap a picture of the sunrise behind the walkway but it was still too dark for the camera to take the photo and I was too cold to fight with the camera to get it to work. Oh well.



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