Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Up and mostly running

My computer is up and running for the most part. I will be bringing it into work tomorrow and upgrading to Leopard and downloading much needed software. The fast internet connection will will be quite handy. I can also grab some much needed files and stuff from my server which is also at school. I will be missing many of my podcasts but I can get most of them online if I visit each podcasts homepage. A little tedious but in some cases worth the trouble.

While I was trying to get the computer up and running today, which I had forgotten my disks at home making it difficult, I picked up a few nice gadgets. I bought a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mighty mouse. While I already have a bluetooth enabled wireless mouse, I don't like the scroll wheel, it clicks and doesn't scroll sideways. I tend to spend quite a bit of time on the computer at work filling out paperwork and stuff so I have really come to like the mighty mouse. The new mighty mouse also had a right and left click even though it looks like it had one button. I also picked up a mini-dvi to vga adapter so I can plug into a non-dvi monitor or hopefully one day a flat screen TV to watch downloaded shows or stream from the internet. There are many sites now that allow people to catch up with TV shows that they missed or for people like me who don't have TV to watch shows for the first time. I save a lot of money without cable and I can avoid commercials and other crap. aCtually, now-a-days, I find there is a lot of crap on TV.

While I was surfing around for gadgets and trying to keep from completely impulse buying, I was looking at the Mac mini. I have always liked it, but I dislike the fact that you can't really add more storage space to it internally. I think I am going to get one anyway to replace my G4 which I will sell to fund the Mac mini. I don't really use the G4 and the Mac mini supports wifi so I can put one wifi node in the apartment and everything can talk. I will also be getting an large external storage drive to hold TV shows, podcasts, and the all important backups.



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