Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kappa and Mu

I just received my new toys today. Nothing too big, but i picked up a nice wireless Mac mouse and keyboard. I wasn't expecting them to arrive so quickly but I am glad they did. Means I get to start playing with them sooner. The mouse is nice and exactly what I expected as I use on just like it at work. The keyboard, on the other hand, is smaller than I expected. I expected a full sized keyboard with the number pad on the side, but alas it was not to be. The keyboard is about the same size as my MacBook keyboard with no number pad. Actually, it is the exact same size, I just checked. I miss the number pad for inputting numbers but I really don't input that many numbers at home so I can do without. I am hoping this will help with ergonomics a little. My table and desk are too high to type from and to low to set the laptop on for viewing. This way I can now place the keyboard on my lap and can put the laptop up on something to get the right height. Now I just need to work on my touch typing skills so I am not looking down at the keyboard all the time when I type. Following on my naming conventions, I have assigned the keyboard and mouse greek letters as subsets of the computers main name. I have been giving all my nameable electronic gadgets star names. The computer is Gamma Draconis. At least there is less chance of running out of stars than my buying too many gadgets. At least I can hope so.

On a good note, my computer is up and running again. There are a few minor things to finish tweaking and installing before I am completely satisfied. I am missing some documents and movies but I think I can find some of them on the internet so I am not too concerned. I fixed up the old G4 Mac living under my desk and will set up a backup system just in case. I have been writing most of my documents online for at least the last year and a half so I haven't lost any critical pieces of writings. I lost a few music files and movies that I got from my brother but I should be able to get them back. It is the stuff I can't remember that mildly bothers me. It mustn't have been important but what if it was. Oh well. I will be getting a proper backup drive in the future and I will be upgrading the G4 to a Mac mini someday soon. Visa paperwork and a new sofa are taking priority right now on the bank account.



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