Thursday, January 24, 2008

A real duh moment

Everyone once in a while I have a real duh moment, this was one of them. I was working on fixing up some disk permissions and much needed disk defrags. I also had a small partition that used to have Windows on it but I wanted to get the partition back for the extra space. So the big duh moment was when I accidentally reformatted my hard drive. I lost everything. As disastrous as this sounds, when I really think back on what was on my drive, there is very little that wasn't already backup up somewhere else either on another computer or on the internet. Thank goodness I have been a die hard user of Google Docs otherwise I would have lost much more then I did. In the end, I think I lost a few recipes and maybe a few files tha tI can't remember. My logic is if I can't remember it, it wasn't important enough to be worth trying to recover. So after looking at various data recovery softwares and talking to a Mac store about my options (they tried to suggest a company that charges 1000$, yes that is one thousand), I decided to just reinstall over the wiped drive and go about my life as normal.

In the end, I now have more space on my drive where before it was at a premium and I will be looking at doing regular backups and likely also looking into putting even more of my stuff online in some fashion. But for now, other then the general feeling of being stupid, I don't feel that I have really lost anything. Now if my server where to ever go down, that would be a whole other story. I really need to bring it home from work since it is back up and running. I also don't need it there and I will be looking in to getting internet access at home shortly so it will be put to better use at home.



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