Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Calendar's

Another year is passing and I have made some calendars of my AT pics. This was about the only other thing I managed to accomplish was to generate two calendars through LuLu of some of my AT pics. While the calendars are nice, I noticed that the picture quality isn't that great. I was only working with a 2 mega pixel camera so I notice the pictures are a little pixelated at the larger size. It isn't that noticeable from a distance. I think this is a shame as they are the only pictures I have from my trail experience. I seriously doubt I will be re-hiking the trail just so I can get better pictures. I pulled together some of the nice water pictures I took and also some of the view pictures and made two different calendars. I did this more for myself but they are available for sale on LuLu's. Guess I will see if anyone buys them. Little late in the year to be selling a calendar though.



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