Friday, October 19, 2007


It has been a busy two days. I have been trying to get the new receptionist trained but unfortunately she is very slow to catch on to using a Mac computer and understanding when to use an internet base password and when to use the computer program password. There have been a few other interesting problems that have been making us wonder what her mental capacity is.

I took out my new kayak out yesterday on the Thursday night paddle. It has been getting dark much sooner lately and it is now standard fair to have a headlamp on. I did have a stylus light with me which really came in handy as we almost ran into some rocks. Good catch on my part as I would not have been too happy ramming my new kayak into some rocks.

Today was a TGIF Happy Hour event. The beer in the kegs are starting to go down but turn out has been a little low. I haven't been getting much in the tip department so I have been wondering if I should keep doing this or slowly let it die down. I have been working with someone else in trying to set up a beer tasting event that seems like it would be more interesting and likely the tips generated would be better and definitely pay off each beer batch. It would likely happen less often meaning less effort on my part freeing me to get other things done. I could also make smaller batches which requires less effort to do too.

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