Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dietary Issues

I have been having a very hard time with food over the past few months. The doctor claims I have lactose intolerance but after going for several weeks without any milk products and still not feeling well, I have gone back for further testing. After a blood antibody work up, as suggested by my boss, the bad news is that I have to go in for an intestinal biopsy to confirm the positive blood work up. If the biopsy comes back positive, which is normally a given as the blood tests are 90% accurate, then I will have confirmation for what ails me. Which will be good as it is highly treatable but I will have to avoid that food for life. I will have further news when I get the biospy but I am not sure when I will be able to get the biopsy done. I have to wait for a referral to arrive in the mail then make an appointment. In the meantime, in order to not throw off the results, I have to continue eating what is making me sick. I still have to keep avoiding milk for now as that is a bad trigger. Another spot of good news is that once my intestinal tract heals from the major intolerace, I will be able to go back and slowly introduce milk into my diet.

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