Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NaNoWriMo again!

Well, I wasn't sure I was going to participate this year as I just had so many things I wanted to get done.  I also have a to do list of work items that I have barely been able to keep up with.  Actually I have been slowly falling behind on that list too.  But somewhere along the line of me wanting to get stuff done, I started writing and attempting to finish up the story I had started last year.  I have about 26,300 new words as of the writing of this entry (plus I had 56,000 from last years successful attempt).  Now that the time is starting to run short, I can feel the challenge of a deadline looming and now I want to finish just to say I did it again.

On top of all the writing, I have also managed to mostly finish making a Greenland style kayaking paddle, went on a car camping and kayaking trip last weekend and also got the brakes and strut mounts repaired on the car, finally.  Car feels great now.  Looks great except for one headlight looking a little cloudy compared to the brand new one I just had installed.  I will have to eventually get that one replaced.

I'll try to find time to take a picture of the paddle.  I wish I had taken pictures at each step to show the progress but oh well.  I did get a chance to use it last weekend.  I don't like the square corners but I understand that mine is still a work in progress and those will be finished off when I have everything sanded down to the final shaping.

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Blogger Sam said...

Go get 'em. Finish that book and send it off to the publisher. The world awaits your lyrical prose.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Canadian Loonie said...

I seriously doubt that what I have written is worthy of publishing. The story is weak and I might have held to the principle of 'No plot, No problem' an little to tightly. It definitely needs editing, but I hope I have it in me to start another better planned novel that might one day start making its rounds. Maybe next November.

5:03 PM  

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