Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eggs, Its what's for supper

I find I have been eating a lot of eggs recently. I am not really an egg person, not sure why but most of the time I just avoid eggs. If I do eat eggs, it is normally as an omelette with cheese and salsa. So lately I have been eating eggs in stirfries and with spicy ramen type noodles. The main reason is laziness. I keep forgetting to thaw meat and when I get home I just want to eat. Don't get me wrong, I love meat, I just forget to deal with it then don't want to have to take the time to thaw and cook it. Eggs are already thawed and come packaged in nice, neat servings. The other nice things about eggs is that they are relatively cheap compared to meat. Although I shop at the Asian market, meat is still pricey. On the other hand, I just bought two 18 packs of eggs for under 3$. It was a buy one, get one free event. You don't see that much unprocessed meat on special like that. So eggs it is. I am still not not an egg person, but I am getting my protein without having to deal with forgetting to thaw meat.



Blogger Sam said...

Love eggs. Glad to see you enjoying the fowls butt delivery offering.

7:21 PM  

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