Sunday, January 06, 2008

Big Ski trip

I went on a big ski trip this weekend. I actually worked on New Year's eve so I could take the Thursday and Friday off for this trip. The trip started with a wine and cheese meet and greet on Thursday night in West Virginia's Canaan Valley. Friday morning everyone was grouped off into classes and the lessons began. As I have only downhill skied once, I was one of two new people receiving beginner lessons. I had three instructors too, which was great. Especially when I started to get better then the other guy. We ended up breaking up into two groups and getting more personal instruction. The snow was great on Friday, nice and powdery. Saturday was a little warmer so they stopped snowmaking as it was just creating ice. Saturday night it rained so most people didn't ski Sunday. The resort had a hot tub and sauna which was great for my aching body. The trip included a buffet breakfast each morning, wine and cheese events each night in the trip leaders room and we went to a micro brewery where the trip leader bought us all a round of beer and provided pizza for us. Overall it was a great trip and I feel I learned a lot. Now I will have to find some time to squeeze this into an already packed schedule.

I am now exhausted after all the skiing and partying this weekend but I had a mostly great time. I fell twice and knocked my left knee each time, it is my worse knee, but seems to be fine. I couldn't stay awake during the car ride back, good thing I wasn't driving. I am sore in all the places I would expect and a few I didn't. Who expects to get sore arms while downhill skiing. Apparently the few flat sections where I pushed off with the poles were enough to get my arms into use. My 15$ bargain find skis where great if a little long and I am glad to finally have had a chance to use them. Good think I got the bindings put on last winter. Sorry I don't have any pics to show off of me in my orange ski clothes. I think I over did the orange a little, I am testing a Columbia adobe/rust parka and bought orange North Face ski pants. I was warm and comfy in the clothes. And I was quite visible.

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